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Seiketsu Neck Massager is created based on the principles of electromagnetism and heat wave thermal technology. It is a high-tech device for home use. The device traces its foundation on detailed research on the human neck and spine. It combines various functions such as magnetic, pulse, ultra long electromagnetic wave, heat wave and traction onto a single device. These functions enable the device to localize on a particular affected area, thus providing a wholesome relieve. The design and manufacturing of the device is safe, scientific, and based on sound engineering principles. It is ergonomically configured to suit the neck and spine. The device is handy and light weight. It uses dedicated circuit board with soft touch control buttons. Quality is reliable and performance is stable. It can be used while the user is sleeping and is safe, comfortable and convenient.

Seiketsu Neck Massager can perform the following functions:

Ultra Long Electromagnetic Wave: 
It is a low frequency electromagnetic wave which can produce a magnetic field. It is a penetrative and vibrating electromagnetic force. Penetration - Ultra Long Electromagnetic Wave has strong penetrative force.  When applied at the neck and spine area, it can penetrate deep tissue, smoothen veins, blood vessels, spur and could provide relieve to cervical spondylopathy, neurasthenia and insomnia. Vibration - Ultra Long Electromagnetic Wave produces vibration when applied at the neck area. Such vibration could provide massaging impact which could relieve discomfort to sore and aches resulting from cervical spondylopathy. It can also bring relieve to neurasthenia and insomnia. Magnetic Field - When applied at the neck area, the magnetic field would provide thermal heat which will improve blood circulation, reduce the viscosity of blood and improve blood flow in the head and neck area.

The use of magnets permanent magnetic field onto acupuncture points is termed magnetic therapy. The therapy is able to fine tune the body’s biological magnetic field. It can soothe aches and reduce discomfort as well as improve blood circulation. There are 6 magnets within the device. These magnets target on specific locations such as No. 2-7 Spine, acupuncture points on the neck like "Tianzhu", "Dazhui" & "Dingchuan" etc. It can relieve discomfort.

Heat Wave Thermal: 
Tradition Chinese medicine believes that blood vessels will expand when heated and contract when encounter coldness. Blood will flow more smoothly when heated compared to being cooled. Heat Wave Thermal could expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation. It can expand blood vessels marginally and can relax the neck muscles and joints. 

Use of 1,000 – 100,000 Hz electric current for therapy is termed medium pulse. The device uses medium pulse which can penetrate deep tissues. It can improve blood circulation and muscle ache. 

Selling Price : RM1,788.00/unit
*Free 2 bottles Blacsemenuro Vegetable Capsule