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Nuro Rice Blend

Nuro Rice Blend is a natural grown organic food. It contains Thai-origin organically-grown RiceBerry powder and Japanese Hanabiratake mushroom. It is truly a health-enhancing food, suitable for consumption as the 1st meal every morning. Nuro Rice Blend can be served to individuals of all ages and genders.

Hanabiratake mushroom contain a mass of ß-1.3 beta-glucan that can improved human immunity. Through scientific research confirm that ß-1.3 beta-glucan can totally suppression reproduction of cancer cell. Funtional Riceberry contain abundant antioxidants and nutritions that needed in human body, it can help our immune system and maintain our health.

Selling Price : RM326.00/bag(30sachets)
Selling Price : RM3,260.00/10 bags  *FREE 1 bag