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The 16th Diamond Crown Managers’ Seminar & Training

The Diamond Crown Managers got together at Cyberview Resort & Spa, KL, in this New Year for some important learning sessions so as to embrace the coming year in the best possible state. The outstanding sharing by Multi Success Group Leader Ng Fock Ten, Consultant Jo Lim and APP Director Sara Lim on the day of the workshop was invaluable to the participants. Systems Operation Manager Jerry Leong was the other speaker at the workshop and he went into details about the new e-sales channel that is set to kick off in April. Participating Seiketsians not only got to benefit from this useful knowledge, but to enjoy delicious food in this magnificent hotel to seal the wonderful experience.

The Diamond Crown Managers broke out into small groups to discuss the appeals of the new marketing plan that will be launched in April.

CEO Leong Zong personally went on stage to address the Diamond Crown Managers and peppered his talk.

All Diamond Managers born in January got together for a massive birthday bash.

During dinner, the internal family members’ exciting dance number won them ceaseless applause. The internal family also put up an inspiring short skit about the life of Leong Zong.

Jo Lim and Sara Lim amazed the crowd with their memory prowess as they showcased their ability to memorise and recite short passages in a short period of time. The “Who is the spy” game brought a host of excitement and fun.

The “I Write, I Conquer” creative writing contest held in the Zu Cheng LINE chat group received many interesting and creative stories during its run, and the winning writers were welcomed on stage to receive their prizes.

At last writer of “Zu Cheng” Dr. Ronnie Leong celebrated fifth anniversary of “Zu Cheng” fans club with the fans.