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Masquerade 2017

The “Unique” party is back! Our fellow Seiketsians are so funky and refreshing. We see Japanese Chef, oriental Qing Dynasty concubine, doctor, military general, students and other cosplays. Apart from showcasing their talent on stage, Seiketsians can also participate in the much entertaining singing competition.

The panel of jurors for The Best Costume and singing competition included Global Director Mr. Ngim, Mr. Akira Okuda from Japan's manufacturers, Mr. Thavisith Pongprapansiri and Mr. Anu Pongprapansiri from Thailand's manufacturers.

5 area leaders will send one representative in participating the singing competition.

The winners of Consolation Prize receive a bottle of SBW2 respectively, the second runner-up is presented with one box of Ketsumi Bubbling Gel while the first runner-up receive two boxes. Last but not least, the champion of the competition is Lee Choon Siong from KL & Selangor, he is rewarded with three boxes of Ketsumi Bubbling Gel!

All Seiketsians who had supported the champion of singing competition receive a chance to participate in lucky draw, 10 lucky participants received one set of HHP2 and HHP3 respectively.

Congratulations to the three teams who won The Best Costume, each received RM800, RM1,500 and RM2,000. It seems like a big reason for the champion team’s “Emperor” to celebrate their winning with his fellow “concubines” and “generals”.