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» Sesaminoid Testimonial Event
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» Masquerade 2017
» Diamond Crown Managers' Meeting
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» Sesaminoid Testimonial Event
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» Diamond Crown Managers Meeting
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» New MRTM Taking An Oath Ceremony 2016
» Sesaminoid Testimonial Event
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» Sesaminoid Testimonial Event
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» The 64th Crown Managers' Meeting
» Masquerade 2016
» The 29th Crown Managers' Seminar & Training

The 66th Crown Managers’ Meeting

All sang "Negaraku" and "Seiketsu Dreams" loudly.

Becoming a Crown Manager has opened up new doors to abundance and satisfaction for the MLM leaders!

The Crown Nurturing Voucher is awarded to all Crown Managers and Diamond Crown Managers who has successfully groomed a first-generation Crown Manager. Congratulations go to Loo Ching Wan & Tan Ah Luan for sitting firmly at the top with 4 Crown Nurturing Vouchers!

10 MLM leaders with the highest PVs were presented with the ‘Golden Rooster Presents You Fortune Ang Pau’ during the glittering Annual Award Presentation Ceremony!

Seiketsian Pang Mei Mei held steadfast to her beliefs and pressed on even when suffering setbacks in her love life. She continues to trust Seiketsu that it will bring her wealth and satisfaction eventually. Now, her efforts pay off, and she is the proud owner of a beautiful house and a luxury car, joining the millionaires club of Seiketsu!

Live testimonials are always emotionally charged as Seiketsians shared their usage experience of Seiketsu products, such as the improvements in health from taking Sesaminoid Vege-Cap, or the personal growth from attending the Psychology Workshop.

Grooming talents is the key determinant for a group’s success. Acknowledging this fact, the company has launched the Talent Scout Award in March to encourage Diamond Crown Managers or Crown Managers to groom 1 Senior Manager in the same month to win the Bronze award, 2 Senior Managers for the Silver award and 3 or more Senior Managers for the Gold award.

Ms Hiroko Kume from Japan won the audience over with her lively explanation which helped leaders learn about the ingredients of Ketsumi Bubbling Gel and their respective functions. Ketsumi Bubbling Gel won huge acclaim and orders flooded in ceaselessly!

The June challenge focused on PK matches between groups formed by Diamond Crown Managers. The winning team will get to lift the ‘Victory Flag’ during the CMM in September this year! Diamond Crown Managers will lead their respective teams to develop strategies to overcome their competition.

With the topic “Seiketsu~ the Business of Love”, Consultant Jo Lim helped leaders understand that the Seiketsu business is one which promotes mutual love, gratitude and victory.