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Annual Dinner 2017

Built on the foundation of Love, Seiketsu Internal Family has been contributing tirelessly to the progress of Seiketsu over the years. In honour of their contributions, we showed our appreciation by giving out awards like the Outstanding Performance Award, Excellent Performance Internal Family Member Award, Excellent Performance APP Award, Service Award etc during the Annual Dinner. On 6th of March, Internal Family Members from subsidiaries and branches got together at the HQ in a mingle session, and exciting programmes were planned for the day. Both Internal Family Members and MLM Seiketsians spent joyous time together.

Seiketsu CEO Leong Zong, Chairlady Leong Dong, Global Director Zhang Dong, Global Director Mr. John Anthony Wood, Global Director & Executive Director Shen Dong and Black Gold Service Award winner Sara Lim entering the hall.

(Figure Left) In his opening speech, Shen Dong shared stories of his journey with Seiketsu and the many touching moments he encountered. He is grateful to be able to nurture himself under such loving environment. (Figure Right) Yong Shi Wei dan Vong Li Ying were MCs for the event and wowed the crowd with their youthful vitality.

Mandy Tan from the Administration Department at the HQ and Carol Yong, APP Deputy Director, shared their interesting journey of growth with Seiketsu. They brought laughter and a few tears to the audience with their stories of joy, excitement as well as overcoming challenges to rise to success.

Outstanding Performance Award winners were receiving recognition and trophy on the stage respectively.

Excellent performance Internal Family Member recipient was chosen by PUDM to recognise the best-performing Internal Family Member of the month. Congratulations to Seiketsian Cheong Gie Wen won the most times and cash prize of RM500.

The Excellent Performance APP Award went to the APP with the highest vote from MLM Seiketsians. Congratulations to Seiketsian Emily Tan won the most times and cash prize of RM500.

Winning the Tidious Office Award is undoubtedly the greatest achievement for a branch or subsidiary, and Johor Bahru Branch once again retained the title for this year. They were once again awarded the trophy and recognition certificate.

Silver Service Award was awarded to internal family members who served for 5 years. (From Second Left) Seiketsian Mandy Tan from HQ Admin Department, Seiketsian Summer Ng from HQ Customer Service Department, Seiketsian Ng Pei Yee from HQ Creative & Art Department, Caroline Ko Brunei Subsidiary Manager and Novita Wong from Indonesia Subsidiary Customer Service Department, (Front) Seiketsian Jimmy Yap Customer Service Transport Manager, Seiketsian Nazi Bin Mohamad from HQ Store Department and Seiketsian Wan Seng Chee from the Service Department.

Internal family members serviced for 10 years or more will win the Gold Service Award. (From Second Left) Seiketsian Pauline Kueh Miri Branch Manager, Seiketsian Maggie Liew Ipoh Branch Manager, Seiketsian Ng Cheong Ten Ipoh Store and Services Executive, Seiketsian Jo Lim Consultant, and Loh Kah Lai from Ipoh Branch Customer Service Department.

APP Director, Sara Lim, has been with Seiketsu for 20 years. She started her Seiketsu career from door-to-door selling and worked her way up to Marketing Manager and finally to APP Director, a testament that women from all walks of life can transform into a leader in her own right, and determine her own level of success! Under her leadership, she leads a team from dedicated APPs in helping MLM Seiketsians craft out their success.

The dance and song numbers from the internal family members lit up the atmosphere and won the crowd’s ceaseless laughter with its witty lyrics and funny performance!

Leong Zong and Leong Dong personally presented the “Thank you for Accompanying” Badge to each and every Seiketsians in a touching ceremony. Towards the end of the event, Leong Zong gave a heartfelt and touching speech to bring the evening to a close.