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Meet the Master Chef

On September 16, Malaysia Day is a public holiday, Master Wong Ling Soon, the founder of Big Bowl Feast (Poon Chai) from Chef Soon Koh Restaurant and Master Chef Seiketsu, Chef Ben specially invited to show their “kung fu” cooking by using Seiketsu Cosmos Series. At the same time, Seiketsians learn to cook the dishes with ease. In addition, those who purchase of any Cosmos Series products and meet the criteria will receive a free gift of Chef Ben Series Kitchen Shear worth RM156.80 and have a chance to spin the Lucky Wheel to win attractive prize.

Many Seiketsians successfully spin the Cosmos Pressure Cooker worth RM1,587.80.

"Hakka Singer" Zhang Shau Lin has brings many catchy songs, include "A Man Should Strengthen Himself " and his famous song "Grandma Buy Pickles."

Chef Ben cooked 5 delicious dishes by using Cosmos Pressure Cooker and Frying Pan, they are Nyonya chicken rice, ginger leaf omelette, black sauce salmon with bell pepper, etc.

Master Wong Li Soon is a well-known chef, on the day, he demonstrates how to make 5-star cuisines ~ scallops pineapple fried rice and Szechuan style fish with spicy bean sauce.

A total of 10 Cosmos Pressure Cooker was drawn during Lucky Draw session which made a total value of RM15,878.